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How do we teach Reading?

Whole class teaching of reading

Whole class Teaching of Reading Teaching of Reading means that the teacher can better plan activities which allow children to access reading skills. It also allows the teacher to work with the children that need it the most at that time. Differentiation can be achieved in many ways: the difficulty of the text the children are working on; the questions the teacher is asking them; the level of support they are receiving. The outcome of the lesson is often written but not always. Teaching the whole class the same objective removes the problem of independent groups, it allows the teacher to focus on one objective in depth and better prepare children for the expectation of written responses at the end of KS2. This means we now have an extended focus on Reading Skills.Teaching whole class sessions allows the teacher a greater amount of time on focused skills rather than skimming over them. 

Weak readers can and will still receive phonics support.The ability to decode texts is vital if children are to become effective readers. If they can’t do this, support must be put in place so that they are able to do this confidently. Key Stage 1 children have dedicated phonics session daily and children who did not pass the phonics screening on the second attempt should still receive support in Key Stage 2 if their ability to decode is still impacting them as a reader. TA support outside the Teaching of Reading time should be dedicated daily to 1:1 reading with children that have not yet mastered the ability to decode or read with a degree of fluency.



Reading Book Bands


Developing strong links between home and school reading is vital in ensuring children become lifelong readers. The school will support parental engagement with their child’s reading by ensuring that appropriate texts are sent home regularly for both independent reading and books to be read aloud.

At School, we have invested a huge amount in a new reading scheme which is largely based on books from Oxford Reading Tree for the children to enjoy. However, we all know how vitally important it is for children to read and be read to at home. Equally, we know how difficult it can be to know how to help. Attached you will find information on the reading scheme and ideas for supporting your child’s reading at home. You can also complete your 1:1 reading via Oxford Owl free eBook library https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ This is free for any parent to sign up to and will allow you to complete any further reading at home. 


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