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Karate Reading


Reading is a lifelong skill which we try to develop as your child continues their journey through our school. We are keen at Rounds Green Primary to develop a love of books and escapism as early as possible, which is why we are introducing ‘Karate Reading’ from Nursery to Year 6.


What is Karate Reading?

This is a reward based system for reading at home, which results in the children moving up through coloured badges depending on how many ‘reads’ they have completed. We would greatly appreciate your support with this new initiative, not only by listening to your child read but by perhaps sharing some of your favourite books from your childhood with them too.


How can your child take part?

Every child in Rounds Green Primary will take part in the Reading Karate adventure, so please encourage your child to read and sign their reading record to help your child achieve their first badge. The texts that could be read:

  • A book (Fiction or non fiction)
  • A comic
  • A newspaper
  • A kindle book
  • A Reading Plus text(Year 4-6 only)
  • An audio book


You start at 0 for each colour, which means to become a black belt you will have read 170 books! We hope that this initiative will continue to encourage your child to read at home and expose them to new authors and texts that they may not have come across before.

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