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Our Reading Vision

Our Reading vision


At Rounds Green we want all children to enjoy reading, be fluent and competent and to have read widely so that they have a growing understanding of the world. The overarching aim of the National Curriculum is to support children in developing a love of reading and we believe that as adults we must-read children’s literature ourselves so we can become the experts who will open every child's door to being a reader.


As a school, we believe that creating a culture of reading is a vital tool in ensuring our children are given the best life chances. Cultivating readers with a passion for a wide range of materials will ensure that children’s love of reading will extend far beyond the classroom and allow them to build on their skills independently through a real curiosity and thirst for knowledge.


Through our discussions and research, we believe that the following principles are at the forefront of our approach to reading.


1. Reading is challenging

We develop our understanding and command of the English language through our experience of and exposure to challenging texts


2. Reading is varied

We recognise that reading comes in many forms and essential to everyday life


3. Reading is explored

We use ‘close reading’ to interrogate texts through rigorous study


4. Reading is inspirational

We are enthused and stimulated by what we read and use the ideas and techniques that we have experienced when reading to inform our own written work




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