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Use of Images Guidance


Parents are not covered by the Data Protection Act 1998 if they are taking photographs or making a video recording for their own private use. The Act does not, therefore, stop parents from taking photographs or making video recordings at school events, such as nativity plays.

 Parents are not permitted, however, to take photographs or to make a video recordings for anything other than their own personal use (e.g. with a view to selling videos of a school event).

 Recording and/or photographing other than for private use would require the consent of the other parents whose children may be captured on film. Without this consent the Data Protection Act 1998 would be breached.

When hosting an event where parents are permitted to take photographs or DVD footage, it will be made it clear from the start that any images taken must be for private use only and parents asked for them not to be put on the web otherwise Data Protection legislation may be contravened.

For further details please refer to the ICT Acceptable Use Policy

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